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Recreational Dance Overview

This is where the Dance journey begins! Our recreational program is geared toward beginners and kids who want to dance for fun and fitness. Students can choose from jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, or acrobatics, so there’s always something for everyone. Open to kids as young as 2 years old, our recreational classes are a great way to learn to dance in a fun, high-energy, and positive environment.  

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(ages 2.5 -5)

(ages 6 -8)

Classes 10+ 

They’re never too young to put their dancing shoes on! Our 45 minute classes feature fun music, creative movement, and highly enthusiastic teachers and assistants – can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning? Classes run from September to June and include an in-studio performance so our little dancers can show off the moves they’ve learned in our year end showcase. 

Let’s add some structure to the fun! These 45 minute classes give little ones the chance to expand their dance vocabulary in a more structured format. Classes branch out into different genres (i.e., jazz, tap, acrobatics, and ballet) so that dancers can practice the moves they love the most while gearing up for their performance in the Year End Showcase.   

 Your growing dancer can now choose from a wide range of dance genres: jazz, tap, acrobatics, ballet, and hip hop. In these classes, highly trained and enthusiastic teachers will help students expand their dance vocabulary and practice their skills. Dancers will learn and hone a syllabus of dance steps as they prepare for their performance in the Year End Showcase. 



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